Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Dear Blog,

I have not been a good blogger again. My internship, job and personal life have been keeping me busy! My internship will be ending in about 2 weeks, so after that I will be moving forward to new opportunities! I'm sad to leave, but I'm excited for what lies ahead. Anywho, before I get to personal on here...here's some caricatures from last month! I have newer favorites from the passed week, but for some reason my phone is not letting me send them as attachments to my email. wamp wamp waaammmmppp. **Note: I always ask permission from my subjects before posting their caricatures on my blog.** ENJOY!


Kendall was an absolute doll, and such a polite little lady. About 20 minutes.
Ross, one of my co-workers. He's absolutely hilarious and a math wizard. About 25 minutes.

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