Friday, June 17, 2011


Here's the latest project I'm working on. I'm going to be in another art show in July with some art friends and the theme for the show is Pirates VS Ninjas. When I think of pirates and ninjas I think of cheesey action movies, so I decided to do a drawing (or ATTEMPT to do a drawing) of an action scene. I'm painting with watercolor on a 18x24 sheet of arches watercolor paper. This progress shot is at about 3 hours of work. I probably have about 4 more hours to go. I want the colors to be more vibrant, but the paper is so absorbent that it sucks up a lot of the pigment. I guess I need to use more pigment and less water?
Here's a caricature I did last week of a cool kid named Ian. Him and his twin brother, Ethan, both had their caricatures drawn separately. It was really cool to see how I interpreted Ian and how my co-worker, Kim, interpreted Ethan. I wish I took a picture of Kim's painting because it turned out awesome! This caricature took about 20-25 minutes. **Note** I always ask my guests' permission to use and take photographs of my work before posting.

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