Friday, January 28, 2011

First Day of Advanced Digital Illustration

Here's a screenshot of my homework assignment that I started today. Our assignment for the next two weeks is to paint 10 apples in Corel Painter 11. 8 apples must be in single media, and 2 apples in mixed media. This is my first time using Corel Painter, and I think I did a decent job painting the apples. The apple to the left was painted in acrylic, and the one to the right is painted with airbrushes. The program is pretty complex and there's a lot of different apps and's kind of overwhelming. I think this is a great exercise for starters. 2 apples down.....8 to go. Maybe I can shoot for 15 apples?! ......We'll see.


  1. Good job Marielle. I don't really like Painter to be honest, just because the preset brushes never really acted like what I expected them to be like. Seems like you're picking it up nicely though.

  2. thank you, tim!! :)

    thanks, marc! and you're right about the preset brushes, i feel as if i can't get a whole lot of variety in my marks. it makes me want to break my wacom tablet.

    what program have you been using for your character design studies? this whole time i thought you were using painter...