Thursday, March 31, 2011

quick sketch


  1. I think you're a great illustrator!! I looked through your blog and I really love all your work. I have 2 questions if you don't mind the time answering

    1) The illustration of the kid riding the chicken--what brush tool did you use for the majority of it and can you elaborate more on the process? How many layers, any adjustments in settings u had to make etc? I think that one is amazing and a definite portfolio piece.

    2) How did you find your job at Disneyland as a caricature artist?

    Thanks! again amazing work

  2. thank you so much, john :) i don't mind answering your questions at all.

    1. The illustration of the kid riding the chicken started off as a sketch in my sketchbook, which I then scanned in and cleaned up in photoshop. I painted it in corel painter, and the main brushes I used were the simple water brush under 'digital watercolor' (to map out color), wet acrylic, digital airbrush and the just add water brush under 'blenders'. I painted the chicken boy on about 2 layers. 1st layer for the sketch, 2nd layer for laying in color with digital water. After setting my colors I'll dry the water layer and begin to paint with opaque color. If I do happen to add more layers I end up merging/collapsing them towards the end of my process.

    2. I originally started out with the company 3.5 years ago as a parasol artist/cashier through the help of 2 friends who put in a good word for me. It wasn't until about 8 months ago that I mustered enough courage to show my manger/leads some samples of my work and dive into caricaturing. I'm glad I (partly) got over my fear of people watching me draw, because so far, this decision has really benefited me. I love it!

    I hope I answered your questions ok! Thank you again for your kind words, and thanks for commenting :)