Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My first attempt at working out the fabric on my dad's shirt turned out looking too sculptural and harsh. Lawrence Yun suggested I soften out the tones with tissue to make it look more like fabric.

It turned out much better, I think. So far this has project has taken me approximately 6 hours...I'm working at a slow pace but I'm getting there. I still have a lot of work ahead of me and I'd say it's about 30% finished. Still have to work in a lot of detail....patience, patience, patience.



  1. 6 hours? Phew, this is why I could never seriously develop a talent in drawing. I am too impatient for that! Great job!

    ps. is your dad wearing ankle socks or just an unfinished part of the drawing?

    - Joyce

  2. Looks good so far... remember to push the darks where they're at their most darkest so that the forms pop. Good luck with that class

    P.S. What? No "draw a paper bag" first assignment this semester? =(

  3. Joyce: Thanks! My dad is wearing mid-calf socks? haha. I haven't decided what I wanted to do with that section, but yes it is an unfinished part.

    Marc: Lawrence decided the paper bag assignment was too boring and repetitive. We Lucked out!